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Amish Made Yard Lighthouses

Handcrafted Amish made yard lighthouses. Each garden lighthouse is Made in USA and crafted with high quality care by the Amish. Detailed attention is given to design lawn lighthouses that provide authentic replicates. They are built with materials that withstand all types of weather conditions for a decorative lighthouse that will compliment your lawn or garden for many years to come. The accent lights will provide warmth and relaxing feeling every evening you are in your yard or patio.

Ornamental lawn lighthouses are a more attractive way to cover well heads or well pumps than fake rocks.  We have a large variety so that you can select the best lighthouse to beautify your landscape for lasting enjoyment.

A replica lighthouse makes a magnificent dock finder for your personal dock. You will always find your way home with a fully functional revolving light installed in these lighthouses.

Lighthouses are attractive solutions to covering unsightly objects in your yard. Cover well heads or sewer pipes with a beautiful Amish made lighthouse. Hide unsightly well pumps or obstructions with a magnificent, handcrafted lighthouse.

Amish lighthouse replicas make a great attraction to draw customers to your business or restaurant. Nautical lighthouse design appeals to seafood restaurants and beach theme stores adding appeal that tourist love.