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Hummingbird Feeders

A hummingbird feeder is a great way to turn your yard into a hummer’s paradise. The most delightful visitors to your backyard garden are hummingbirds. Placing a feeder for hummingbirds in your garden will give you the opportunity to watch these fascinating miniature birds that have a unique ability to hover in mid-air.

Hummingbirds generally weigh from two to 20 grams. Their feet are designed for perching instead of walking. Because of their unique way of flying, they require enormous amounts of food each day for energy. Flower nectar and the sugar-water solution that fills backyard feeders supply that energy.

Many people hang feeders to attract and watch the tiny birds. While hummingbirds usually find backyard feeders without any trouble, some places in your yard are better to hang them than others.

A common mistake of those new to feeding hummingbirds is purchasing a single, large feeder with multiple feeding ports. Instead, place several smaller feeders in different locations in the yard. Doing so attracts and keeps more hummingbirds coming back to the area. And since hummingbirds are territorial, it deters a single bird from dominating one feeder and chasing other birds away.

Find quiet places where the birds are easy to see. A garden area filled with flowers and plants that attract hummingbirds is a good place. The birds can feast on the sugar solution in the feeders, as well as the flowers' nectar. Hummingbirds naturally are drawn to the color red and many flowers fit the bill. Fire pink, wild columbine, cardinal flower, Maltese Cross and Penstemon are among the numerous plant options that attract hummingbirds.