Vintage Bi-Plane Handmade Metal Whirligig

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Vintage Bi-Plane Whirligig

Watch the dog hang on tight as he goes flying in this handmade vintage bi-plane whirligig. The acrobatic dog is out for thrill ride with one paw on the controls and other paw up in the air.

Our Whirligigs are handmade with all metal craftsmanship and hand painted with outdoor quality paint. Designed and made for optimal function and durability so that you can enjoy your whirligig for many years to come.

Makes a unique all metal whirligig that is great for your garden or yard. Wonderful gift idea for friend or family. Comes boxed.

Wind-propelled all metal kinetic garden wind spinner.

  • Each is individually boxed.
  • Easy assembly from box to yard.
  • Includes a 3-part, 47-inch long pole for easy mounting.
  • 13" long x 12" wide x 10" tall.
We recommend an occasional application of clear protective sealer. Any moving parts should also be lubricated periodically.

Not recommended for use in winds exceeding 20 mph.